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You can watch our adventure on the YouTube channel sailing ORIYO, from where you could like, share and subscribe to not miss the upcoming episode.


Write us a comment as well, we do our best to answer to each and everyone and it is so nice to get your view. We publish a video every two weeks on Fridays on YouTube. 


For those who want to share more and get a lot of other stuffs about what we are doing presently, you are welcome to reach us on Patreon. We are publishing on this platform the videos before YouTube release and exclusive contents like “behind the scene” and “bloopers”.


You can choose your way of supporting us, our work on ORIYO and our videos production through different levels. It’s really up to you, though we would be thrilled to meet you there!


We are on Instagram and Facebook too, to share other footage we do during the boat works.

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