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After years of learning things about boats and sailing, here we are, a day before realizing our dream. So we had to share this dream, this day, this adventure. And that’s how this channel is really all about! Let’s get started.


The renovation and preparation of a sailing boat is a long-lasting job strewn with pitfalls. Our goal is to set this boat to go and sail, safely, from along shores up to crossing oceans.

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We found 

an neglected boat

Finding such an outstanding sailing boat in a graveyard is not common! So we do feel really lucky indeed. In the meantime, we know the huge quantity of work she is going to require from us and the amount of work upon us to make her ready to sail again.


You can access our videos about what we are doing during this adventure on YouTube. You can subscribe to our channel from there. We publish a video every two weeks on Fridays on YouTube. 


We are also on some other social networks such as Instagram and Facebook, where we do our best to share contents and photos as much as we can every week.


For those who want to share more and get a lot of other stuffs about what we are doing presently, you are welcome to reach us on Patreon. We are publishing on this platform the videos before YouTube release and exclusive contents like “behind the scene” and “bloopers”.


On Patreon, you can choose your way of supporting us, our work on ORIYO and our videos production through different levels. It’s really up to you, though we would be thrilled to meet you there!

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Who we are


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Stephanie is born in France but lived in Canada and England for her studies. Her family is passionate by cars and, as a kid, she spent a lot of time with her grandfather who was a car mechanics. This is where she found the love for do-it-yourself handiworks.

She has tons of hobbies and especially scuba diving, hiking and, since she met Valery, sailing. They both sailed on their first sailing boat Canquin in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Canary Islands and in the West Indies.


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Valery spent these last 25 years to the sea. Scubadiving instructor, photographer and video maker, he has always been into sailing.

In 2018, he left France for an Atlantic crossing on his 1976 old racing boat, Canquin, to the Caribbean. He and Stephanie took care of the complete refitting of this boat and the preparation for this journey.

On their new boat projects with Oriyo, he is the captain and preparation manager.

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